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What you will need to register your vehicles in Pennsylvania


 1. Proof of Ownership:       

Pennsylvania requires that out-of-state titles be surrendered to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles upon application for a Pennsylvania registration. This must be the original title and not a photocopy or fax. 

Some states have “transferable” registration cards for vehicles instead of titles. If the vehicle is financed or leased, the lien holder or the leasing company could have the title--see ***below. 

2. Verification of VIN# and/or Gross Weight:

1) Bring the vehicle with you when you register the vehicle at our office. OR

2) Get a legible tracing of all applicable numbers by using paper and a pencil or crayon (however this doesn’t work on newer vehicles). OR 

3) Have a Pennsylvania mechanic or State Trooper fill out an MV41 (can be printed from the internet) to verify the VIN and/or GVWR. *For trucks, trailers and motorhomes we need an approximate empty weight and the GVWR. 


3. Proof of Pennsylvania Insurance:

Insurance card or current binder for Pennsylvania in the name of the person registering and titling the vehicle.  We need a paper copy to file. Trailers are exempt from insurance.

4. Proof of 6 Month Ownership or More:

We use the date on the title and if this date is less than six months of us processing the paperwork then we also need proof that sales tax was paid on the vehicle with a reciprocal State of at least 6%.

5. Pennsylvania ID:

Valid Pennsylvania Drivers License, Pennsylvania Identification Card, Pennsylvania photo exempt Drivers License, Pennsylvania photo exempt Identification Card with a current Pennsylvania address or a valid US Armed Forces Common Access Card. The address on your license is the address we must put on the documentation. If you have a post office box, we must use a location address in addition to the post office box number.

***To apply for a financed or leased title, we need the registration card, your driver’s license, bank information including an account number, phone number, and if possible a fax number and contact name.