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Buying and Selling a Pennsylvania Titled Vehicle

Pennsylvania titles need to be notarized

We transfer titles when you buy or sell your vehicles in Pennsylvania.

When  you sell a PA titled vehicle, you need your title and your driver's  license.  The best case scenario is to meet the Pennsylvania purchaser  at the office to do the transfer properly before you turn the vehicle  over to the buyer.  This way the seller has peace of mind that they are no longer responsible for the vehicle and the buyer knows that the  seller has everything they need in order to sell the vehicle.

When  selling a vehicle where the owner is deceased, please check with the  State where the vehicle is being transferred to, as to any complications in doing the paperwork.  Some states will not accept a Death  Certificate for a transfer and require that the title be transferred to a  surviving owner, spouse or heir.  In  this instance, it is always best  to call the office to make sure you have all the people and documents  that you need.

When you purchase a vehicle, you need your Pennsylvania driver's license or ID card (some  exemptions) along with your current PA insurance ID card if you are  registering the vehicle. 

If you wish to transfer a previously issued tag, bring in the plate or the registration card.

When purchasing an out of state vehicle, we need to verify the VIN and/or weights.  Call in advance on these issues.